Finshing Intro I

Finished improv I!  Yes, I know, worst blogger ever, 6 classes 2 posts, but no fear world, I signed up for Intro II!


The right choice is often the brave choice. The character from the pattern game that you’re scared of doing. The opinion you’re worried the audience won’t agree with. The object work you think that no one will understand. But you just commit and do it. You visualize your spine made of flexible steel.  Improv shows have a way of rewarding bravery. Maybe it’s pragmatic: brave things are difficult things or surprising things and therefore more enjoyable for the audience. Or maybe the audience can smell the bravery on you and they become fascinated. Or maybe there’s just magic afoot, and some invisible energy exists all around us that will be at your beck and call once you tell the universe that you are not scared. For me this includes doing an accent or dancing but your mileage may vary.


For me, the brave choice right now is keeping improv in my life, despite everyone’s instructions that it’s the wrong choice while I attempt to balance that nasty step 1 on June 18th.


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