Yes , and…

Yes , and is the #1 rule of improv, and thus begins my most stereotypical blog post on improv.  Done a million times before, I can’t help but comment on the foundation of improv. Disagreeing to a scene mate stalls the scene, it prevents forward movement and, quite frankly is really boring to watch.  Without a doubt the same rule applies to real life, how many times have I held back from trying something just because I felt like I wasn’t ready, or not quite the right person for the job.  While it seems somewhat of a contraindication I’m learning that I’m not the best judge of my own abilities.  That many times someone else can envision a possibility for us that has escaped our own imaginations (or a path existing in an otherworldly dimension, what, a med student doing improv?), something that I’ve overlooked or underestimated in myself.  There is a balance between saying “yes” and overcommitting vs. “yes” I don’t think I have the capabilities to do this, but I’m going to give it a hell of a shot.  I’m finally starting to differentiate these “yesssses”.  No more “no’s” using the half-hearted excuse I’m overcommitted, but examining the unplanned options laid before me as life unfolds.  Because I think as lost as I am as a med student in terms of what I want out of a real career, life, etc., the best fit option is out there for me, and I probably haven’t even contemplated it yet.   I’m not going to miss out on it, just because I haven’t dreamed of it, or felt “ready”, or “capable’ enough.  Whenever it finally comes around I’m going to “yes” it!  As will I likely “yes” a thousand other wrong things before I make it to this point, but I’m ready to stay open and going do change my fearful “no’s”, into a  fearful “yes”.  Keeping the fear, but hey, at least I’m moving forward in the right direction. 


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